Want to show your support for proportional representation on a shirt?

Fair Vote Canada has set up a store on Redbubble. The shirts are sold at no mark-up for us. Browse a variety of styles! This is a great way to help promote the cause with some thought-provoking slogans and images.

New: Masks have arrived!

We have recently added a new facemask to our designs, with slogans including, “Proportional Representation Gives You Power” and, “Free Your Voice,” amongst others.

These will appear on the Redbubble store, but for the moment you can use this Form to place your order. The masks are 3-layers and come in both Adult and Small sizes.

Over time, we will continue adding to our store with new designs. Check in from time to time for updates, or stay tuned to our website for announcements. Note: If you click “accessories” on the Redbubble store, we also have water bottles!

The Redbubble shop is designed for people who want a shirt for themselves. If you want to order more than 10 or more shirts (such as for a team), please email and we can place a cost-saving bulk order for you!

Visit the Store to order your shirt and spread the word!