Over the years, we have often had requests from volunteers asking how to donate to the NCR chapter specifically.

Currently, Fair Vote Canada donations and membership fees only go directly to the national fund and are dispersed from there to local chapters.

We have received occasional cash donations to the chapter specifically, but not in the past 2+ years, and digital transfers are far easier and safer.

And so, we are pleased to confirm that we now have the ability to accept e-transfers, directly into our new account with Alterna Savings, account number 790886.

You can set up an e-transfer within your online bank account, determine the amount and whether it is a one-time or regular transfer, and send it to our Treasurer’s email address: No password or code should be required. The funds are automatically deposited, and our Treasurer will verify it within the Alterna account and send you the confirmation.

Directly supporting our local Fair Vote chapter helps us cover our website hosting, other software fees, printing and shipping costs, and gives us more options for outreach and programming. 

We thank you very much for your generosity! Any questions, write to the chapter Treasurer (Eric McCabe) at