It’s time: Tell your candidates to support PR and a Citizens’ Assembly during this Ontario election

Visit our Ontario 2022 Election page.

The 2022 Ontario election is upon us, and it’s your greatest opportunity to reach your local candidates, of all parties and background, to canvass them and their party’s position on proportional representation, and where they stand on creating a non-partisan, impartial Citizens’ Assembly on electoral reform for Ontario.

Fair Vote Canada and your NCR chapter are engaged once again as a registered Third Party, enabling us to advertize during the election and disperse promotional material.

Our team of volunteers going door-to-door is growing every day, and you can still add your name to the list of helpers. Whether for an hour or two, a full afternoon, or for multiple days, every effort counts and every door hanger distributed represents a chance to connect individually with voters.

When candidates come to your door, make sure you ask them about their stance on electoral reform. If their party has not taken a clear stance, is hazy on the issue or has outright rejected PR, ask them why.

The options exist for a multi-partisan approach, that takes the study and influence out of the politicians’ hands, and their inherent bias. Electoral reform is not an issue that should be forced through by one party alone, if it wants as much credibility as possible. We need parties to work together and commit to modernizing Ontario’s voting system, setting an example for the rest of the country.

Plan to attend All-Candidates Meetings, whether in person or online, and ask these same questions.

Volume, repitition, clarity and simplicity are our greatest tools! Three of the four major parties have at least acknowledged the democratic deficit and seem open to discussing electoral reform. We are but a half-step away from a proper, impartial process to make progress on this issue, at last, after so many years.

Fair Vote Canada, NCR Chapter has added resources on our site to help you contact your local candidates, understand the issues, be prepared with questions and talking points, and to volunteer your time handing out our new door hangers, as we head into this short yet crucially important Ontario election.

Visit the page to learn more, and follow the individual Riding links on the right side of any page of this site.

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