FVC, NCR Chapter January Newsletter

The latest edition of our chapter Newsletter can be found here: Newsletter #3, January 2022.

Our latest newsletter includes highlights of important online webinars of the past couple months, with MPs Daniel Blaikie, Wayne Long and Mike Morrice. They talked about prospects for the PROC motion and a timeline to look forward to over the coming weeks.

We give updates on the efforts to get the ON NDP to include a Citizen Assembly prominently in their platform for the upcoming provincial election. In turn, we continue to keep our federal MPs informed about Citizens Assemblies, which is a great way for volunteers to get involved! Check out the newsletter for resources and links to help you write a good letter, or make a phone call. We are happy to give you support and direction.

Info is also included on the monthly “PR 101” webinars with Fair Vote Canada, and the bi-monthly “Town Hall” meetings with FVC Board members. These are easy to attend, and a great way to get answers to your questions and meet the people helping to shape the movement.

FVC NCR Newsletter #3, January 2022

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