FVC NCR Chapter president Ted Cragg welcomes new Executive, new term

The Fair Vote Canada NCR chapter held its first online election in September, 2018, in lieu of holding a second Annual General Meeting within 3 months, after hosting the national AGM in June of this year.


The process was a new one but thanks to the new chapter website and its features, publicity and sharing over social media, a successful social event mid-campaign, and ongoing interest and engagement from members, the process was concluded without any glitches or difficulties.


The incumbent executive from 2017/2018 was largely re-elected, with a couple changes, and there remains one vacancy on the Executive as it currently stands.


Chapter president Ted Cragg will be joined by vice-president Robert d’Aoust, treasurer Jean-Nicholas Martineau, secretary Danielle Rae, and members-at-large Randi Cherry and Réal Lavergne in serving another year on the Executive Committee.


New member Randy Sharp joins the Executive in the role of member-at-large, with particular focus on maintaining the chapter website.


Ted Cragg had the following comments to share:


“I think we are all looking forward to another challenging, active and even exciting year to come. There are a number of milestones that we are in the process of witnessing these days, from the aftermath of the Ontario, New Brunswick and Québec elections to, most of all, the results of the referendum in British Columbia. Even from a distance here in Ottawa & Gatineau, we can do our bit to help earn a successful result there. Our volunteers are calling their equivalents in BC to encourage them not only to vote, but to ensure they get as many people as they can to mail in their ballot as well.


I thank Merilda Gionet for administering our online election, ensuring its impartiality and verifying the results. It was a new process this year but it showed a lot of promise for the future and will give us confidence that we can have the online option, and not always have to rely on a single, large event to elect our Executive Committee.


Thanks also to Merilda and to Stephanie Ruddock, our outgoing Members-at-Large from this past year’s Executive. We appreciate your help, enthusiasm and dedication. Like many who have come and gone before, the door is always open to attend meetings and events as you are able to.


It is a great pleasure to work together as a group with the members of the Executive, we have shared many projects and events now and it is always a bonus when you enjoy the company of those you volunteer with. It makes it all worthwhile. This could be a big year for our efforts, let’s hope we see greater progress than ever before.”

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