Voting Underway for Fair Vote Canada, NCR Chapter Executive Committee Election


The voting period is now open for the election of the 2018-2019 Executive Committee of the National Capital Region chapter of Fair Vote Canada.


The candidates for positions are as follows:


for President: Ted Cragg (incumbent)
for Vice-President: Robert d’Aoust (incumbent)
for Secretary: Danielle Rae (incumbent)
for Treasurer: Jean-Nicholas Martineau (incumbent)
for Member-at-Large: Randi Cherry (incumbent)
for Member-at-Large: Réal Lavergne (incumbent)
for Member-at-Large: Randy Sharp (non-incumbent)


Click here to read the profiles of each candidate.


There remains one vacancy for a Member-at-Large position, which the Executive will endeavour to fill as soon as possible.


How the Election Works

  • This is an online vote, through email, administered by our impartial Electoral Officer, Merilda Gionet, with eligibility verified through Fair Vote Canada’s CiviCRM database.
  • The voting period is from September 16 through Sunday, September 30.
  • Candidates are elected to a term lasting approximately one year, until the next Annual General Meeting of the NCR chapter (generally in September).
  • The structure of the Executive Committee is included under Section 4 of the chapter By-law (located here).
  • General tasks and duties of Executive Committee members can be referenced here.


Can I Vote?

  • If you reside in the National Capital Region (Ottawa, Gatineau and neighbouring ridings) and have donated money to Fair Vote Canada in the past year, but no later than July 16, 2018, then you are eligible to vote in this election.


How Do I Confirm That I am Eligible to Vote?

  • Use the form below, or email your vote to the official, non-partial email address for this election:
  • The chief electoral officer, Merilda Gionet, will verify in our records that you donated during the correct time period and if so, will tabulate your vote.


How Does the Ballot and Voting Process Work?

  • We have one candidate for each position, thus we do not have any contested races this year. Therefore, votes for each position will require either a YES or NO.
  • Our chief electoral officer will be the sole person with access to the ballots, and will tabulate the numbers of YES and NO votes for each candidate, then announce the results on October 1st.


Okay, So How Do I Vote?!

There are two ways to vote:


  • You can use the convenient form below which will send your votes directly to our electoral officer.
  • You can vote in person by attending our Coffee & Conversation social event on Saturday, September 22, anytime between 1 pm and 3 pm, located at 166b Drummond St., Ottawa. Full details here.

Simply fill out the ballot below to send in your vote.


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