Candidate Biographies, NCR Executive Committee Election


The candidates for positions on our Executive Board are as follows:


for President: Ted Cragg (incumbent)

Ted has been a member of the NCR chapter Executive Committee since 2014, and involved in the cause for electoral reform in earnest since 2009. He has served as chapter president since May of 2017. In that time, milestones include updating the chapter Bylaw, the launch of the new chapter website, hosting the Fair Vote Canada national AGM in June of 2018, and debuting the monthly social meetups.
Ted’s priorities for the coming year include pushing for a Québec-style accord amongst Ontario political parties, preparing for the 2019 federal campaign and organizing a modern volunteers database for the NCR chapter.

for Vice-President: Robert d’Aoust (incumbent)

Robert has been interested in Proportional Representation since the British Columbia and Ontario referenda in 2005 and 2007.
He has served as Vice President for the NCR chapter of Fair Vote Canada since 2017 and was a member at large in 2016.
He was very active during the town hall meetings following the Federal election, attending nine of them around the Outaouais region as well as visiting MP’s at their constituency offices.
Robert looks forward to this year serving in what ever capacity is needed to make a difference in educating as many people regarding PR, for the 2019 election.

for Secretary: Danielle Rae (incumbent)

Danielle has been a member of the NCR exec for a year, and has been active with PR since she helped organize the rallies on parliament hill in February 2017. Her priorities for the next year are devolving responsibilities of the NCR chapter exec towards a more equitable distribution of duties, as well as campaigning for the Yes side in the BC referendum and putting PR on the table in Ontario among opposition parties.

for Treasurer: Jean-Nicholas Martineau (incumbent)

A native of Gatineau I have been active with fair vote NCR chapter for a few years now, I’ve been active in politics since university days as a graduate in political science at the University of Ottawa. I am also a business major from cégep de l’Outaouais, and using my business knowledge I have accepted over the past two years to be your Treasurer for the NCR.
I first got involved in Fair vote after seeing results in my own region highly disproportionate to a single party for my entire life in both provincial and federal elections. I also want to try in a general capacity to build up our support on the Gatineau side and among all francophones in the National Capital Region.
I hope to continue to serve and advance our cause here in the NCR.

for Member-at-Large: Randi Cherry (incumbent)

Achieving the most transparent model of Proportional Representation at all levels of government in Canada has been my passion since the 2007 Ontario Referendum. I attended the last three FVC  AGMs held in Ottawa and have been studying research on the positive outcomes of PR on democracies that have adopted it. I attended nine of the Town Hall meetings in the Ottawa-Gatineau area after the 2015 Federal election. I then realized the importance of education for Canadians voters so we can be confident with insisting on PR in spite of the frequent misinformation in press and political speeches. This was reinforced by meetings with federal MP’s which I visited with other FV members before and after the election. I was proud to be at the FVC Rally on Parliament Hill in 2017.
I believe that once we have PR to accurately tally votes, we will be able as citizens and politicians to learn and experience the skills of life affirming communication and collaborative decision making so important to build a sustainable Canada. I have been a member at large since 2017 and look forward to supporting our chapter’s FVC initiatives for the upcoming BC Referendum on PR and the 2019 federal election.

for Member-at-Large: Réal Lavergne (incumbent)

I have been a member of the Executive Committee since 2014, and have been involved as an organizer in four election campaigns since then (two provincial elections, the federal election of 2015 and the Ottawa-Vanier By-election. I was Vice President for a while but stepped aside when I was elected President of Fair Vote Canada.
I feel that my roles on the Executive Committee and National Council nicely complement each other, as I am able to use each position to enhance my contribution to the other.

for Member-at-Large: Randy Sharp (non-incumbent)

Randy joined the NCR chapter of Fair Vote Canada following last year’s May 2017 AGM. He has been an ardent believer in Proportional Representation since campaigning in Vancouver for electoral reform in the 2005 BC referendum.
Randy’s primary interest as Member-at-Large is to concentrate on maintaining and expanding the NCR chapter’s website. Secondary interests are supporting the activities of the NCR chapter and its executive.


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