You Can Join Fair Vote Canada, NCR chapter’s Executive Committee


The nomination window is still open to run for a position on the Fair Vote Canada, NCR chapter’s Executive Committee. You have until the end of day, Saturday, September 15, to become a candidate.


What are the positions? We have 8 seats on our Executive Committee. They will all be open for nominations concurrently. They are:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Member-at-Large (x4)


What does each position do? We are not bound very strictly to having many specific duties for each position, with a few exceptions. We have learned to create a more fluid and adaptive committee that can accommodate the skills, interests and availability of each committee member, regardless of position.

That being said, there are still a few particular tasks that always need to be assigned. They are listed here in our Operations Manual, please check it out!


You can nominate yourself! All nominations are reviewed by the Nominations Committee, they will contact you to confirm your interest and understanding of the position. Simply write to our election email to express your desire to run:

Include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your neighbourhood (Bells Corners, Orléans etc.)
  • The position you are running for
  • Why you are interested in joining the Executive Committee
  • A bit about your background, skills and strengths, and any past history helping with electoral reform or other causes


You can nominate others! If there is someone you know who you feel would be an asset to our organization, you can submit their name and contact info to the election email: The Nominations Committee will contact them to confirm their interest and acceptance.


What happens next? A list of candidates will be sent to Fair Vote Canada members residing in the NCR as soon as possible on Sunday, September 16. Members can vote by emailing their choices to

Our impartial Electoral Officer, Mérilda Gionet, will confirm that each member is an eligible voter and will tabulate the votes as they come in. She will keep the ballots private and protected, and only share the final results.

Results of the election should be known by the end of Sunday, October 1. An email will be sent out the next day to the NCR membership.


Can I vote in person? Yes! We are having our next monthly social event on Saturday, September 22, between 1 pm and 3 pm, at a common space located at 166b Drummond St., near Main St.


See the Event listing here.


If you would rather vote in person, on paper, Mérilda will be there to manage all those who would prefer to vote this way.


This is also your chance to meet and mingle with the election candidates, chat about electoral reform news and prospects, and look at the weeks and months ahead, full of busy activity.


Come join us! Free of charge, free street parking and free refreshments. 



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