NCR Chapter Executive Committee election, 2018

The Fair Vote Canada, National Capital Region chapter will hold elections for its Executive Commitee over the month of September, 2018.


While the election typically takes place at our in-person Annual General Meeting, given that our chapter hosted the national Fair Vote Canada AGM just 3 months ago, it was decided to not hold another large event so soon after the last one.


However, as the current Executive is reaching the end of its mandate, new elections must be held, and so these will take place online.


Please refer to our Chapter Bylaw for details about the Chapter Executive and its job descriptions.


The election process will take place as follows:



The following 8 positions will be elected, for a term lasting approximately one year, until the subsequent Annual General Meeting or election of the NCR chapter:

– President

– Vice-President

– Treasurer

– Secretary

– Member-at-Large (x4)


The Executive will be appointing an impartial Electoral Officer who will oversee the operation and transparency of the election.


Voting Eligibility

Fair Vote Canada has recently determined that all those who have given donations to the organization in the past year are automatically members. To be eligible to vote, you must reside in the National Capital Region and have been a member in good standing of Fair Vote Canada no later than July 16, 2018. This means you must have made at least one donation to Fair Vote Canada at any time between September 16, 2017 and July 16, 2018.


Nomination Eligibility

Any member or non-member of Fair Vote Canada may be nominated for a position on the Executive Committee. If you are not a member of FVC and are elected to a position, you are expected to become a member as soon as possible, or forfeit the position, as per Article 4.2.4 of the chapter bylaw.


A non-resident of the NCR can be elected as well, even if they reside further away (Perth or Prescott, for example). They would simply have to commit to attending the monthly Executive meetings that take place in Ottawa.


Nomination Period

The nomination period will be open beginning Saturday, September 1st and will remain open until the end of Saturday, September 15. If you wish to be nominated for a position on the chapter Executive Committee, you must submit your name during this period. Candidates can be self-nominated or can be nominated by another member in good standing. A Nominations Committee will confirm the eligibility of all candidates and their acceptance of their nomination, after the closing date of September 15, and announce the list of candidates.


To nominate yourself or someone else to a position, write a brief email stating the following:

– Your name

– Which area or riding you live in (i.e. “Bells Corners” or “Nepean”)

– Why you are interested in joining the Executive Committee in this position, and

– A bit about your background (relevant skills, experience, any past involvement with Fair Vote Canada, electoral reform or political groups).


This email must be sent to


Voting Period

The voting period will commence Sunday, September 16 and conclude at 11:59 pm, Sunday, September 30. To vote, email your choices to our Electoral Officer at The officer will confirm through our member database that you are entitled to vote, and will record your vote accordingly. The officer will then be responsible for tabulating the results and ensuring the security and privacy of each ballot.



Results will be announced, by email and on the chapter website, as soon as possible on October 1st.

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