Fair Vote Canada’s NCR Chapter enters into a Compliance Agreement with the Commissioner of Canada Elections

May 24, 2018

Fair Vote Canada’s NCR Chapter advises its members and the community at large that it has entered into a Compliance Agreement with the Commissioner of Canada Elections regarding its involvement in the Ottawa—Vanier by-election of April 3, 2017. This Compliance Agreement is now available on the Commissioner’s website and can be accessed there (link).

The NCR Chapter acknowledges that it consulted with representatives of both the NDP and the Green Party campaigns and obtained advice and assistance from the NDP candidate’s campaign in relation to the production and the distribution of an election advertising pamphlet in Ottawa—Vanier.

By coordinating its election advertising activity with a candidate’s campaign, the NCR Chapter was not acting as an independent third party. The cost incurred and paid by the NCR Chapter to produce and distribute the pamphlet therefore constituted a non-monetary contribution made by an ineligible donor to the NDP campaign. Under the Canada Elections Act, only a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada can make a political contribution.

We are pleased to have greater clarity on this issue, and will adjust our behaviour when undertaking any third party advertising initiatives in the future.

– Executive Committee of the National Capital Region chapter of Fair Vote Canada

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