Opinion: BC NDP Government Needs to Get Moving

Opinion: BC NDP Government Needs to Get Moving
by Ted Cragg

It’s a new year, the anticipated BC referendum on electoral reform is a mere 10 months (or so) away, and time will fly fast. The opposition is organizing and hitting the media trail. The BC Liberal party have made protecting the First Past the Post status-quo their #1 priority.

We have the governing partnership of the BC NDP and BC Greens to thank for returning the urgent issue of electoral reform to the top of the agenda, not to mention keeping it in the news nationally, where the federal government has done their best to bury it.

But the momentum has to continue, and the government in British Columbia needs to start leading, forcefully. Announce more details, take a stand and go out there and defend it. The BC Liberals are unafraid to choose their stance. Why should the governing parties, who have initiated this process, be hesitant to stand up for it?

Narrative and perception are crucial. The longer it takes for the government to start campaigning for PR, the more catch-up will be needed, and perhaps the more resources required as well, which could then be subject to campaign finance laws.

We have in British Columbia the first government in Canada ever elected that has stated it wants to stand up for electoral reform, proudly implement PR and use all of its weight to do so. Many parties in the past have suggested (even promised!) this, none have come through. Surely the BC NDP party cannot allow themselves to join this depressing club.

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